Home Screen Serenity

My Home Screen

It’s December already and it seems I’ve been trying to simplify my life all year long. The one thing I use most, as I’m sure all of you do, is my phone. And if you have an iPhone, you know the insanity of scrolling through all those screens to find the one App you are looking for. This has annoyed me forever and I finally pulled the trigger on simplifying the mess of App icons strewn across 10+ pages of Apps! With a little inspiration from Jason Stirman and his Ultimate iPhone Setup

So, I put all of my apps, except three, in one folder named “Apps”. Then moved the folder to the Dock. Pretty simple, right? Evidently, a single folder in iOS can hold a maximum of 135 Apps. Since iTunes no longer manages the Apps on your iPhone, I just manually moved the Apps on my phone. Pretty annoying, but worth the time it in the end. Tip: Start with moving your most used Apps into the folder first.

I chose to keep my three most used Apps on the Dock; Messages, Gmail, and Outlook.

Now I just use Search and Widgets to open Apps without scrolling through 15 folder screens to find the App I want, frigg’n brilliant!


Don’t worry about notifications and having to track down the App with the notification badge. This is easily dealt with using an iOS tidbit: Force touch a folder and it will show which apps have notifications. 

I’m still getting used to using Search and the Widgets to access all of the Apps I use on a daily basis, but I am so happy with the results. There’s no turning back now!

Let me know you thoughts and ideas. Enjoy your serenity!

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